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Morgan Miller shares heartbreaking plea on anniversary of daughter's drowning

19-month-old Emeline drowned in a pool at a neighbor's house during a party.
/ Source: TODAY

June will always bring a devastating reminder for former Olympic skier Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan. It's the month their 19-month-old daughter, Emeline, drowned in a pool at a neighbor's house during a party in 2018.

In an Instagram post honoring their late daughter, Morgan said that despite the passage of three years, the feeling of loss is exactly the same.

"3 years later, I’m now sitting face to face with what took my daughter’s life and watching my boys learn to survive," she captioned a photo of three of her children in an ISR swim training. "The twins are only 3 days younger than Emmy was on this day and if they were to fall in, they have the skills to survive."

The professional beach volleyball player continued that it all comes down to knowledge.

"Had I known then, what I know now, my daughter would still be alive. It’s awareness of survival swim lessons, the false sense of security we give our children when we put them in puddle jumpers, it’s awareness of the relationship and beliefs we teach our children in thinking that water is a fun and safe place to be, awareness that drowning should have been my #1 concern in any situation since most drownings occur during non swim times and is THE #1 CAUSE OF DEATH for children under the age of 5."

Morgan ended the emotional post with a plea in honor of her late daughter, Emmy.

"Had I known then what I know now, my daughter would be alive... Let that sink in. So today, and everyday, make this a conversation. Share with parents and pediatricians what you now know because that conversation may just save a life."

Morgan's community of followers were quick to chime in with their support.

"Thank you for sharing and bringing awareness. It makes all the difference in the way people are approaching the water with their kids. Me included," wrote actor Christy Carlson Romano.

Fellow volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings said, "The lives you’re saving and the families you are empowering .... what a gift. My love straight to your hearts."

After Emmy died, Bode and Morgan Miller became advocates for teaching children how to survive in water from a young age to prevent future tragedies in their family and others.

"If your child is crawling, they should be floating," Morgan said in a 2020 interview with TODAY. "If your child is walking, they should be swimming."


This story was originally published in 2021.