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See this mom’s hilarious reaction to having twins: ‘So like two of them?’

“I remember thinking, ‘This isn’t happening.'"
/ Source: TODAY

Chancè Hindir-Lane nearly fell off the examination table when she learned she was pregnant with twins.

Hindir-Lane was just 5 months postpartum with her first child when she found out she was pregnant.

“I remember thinking, ‘This isn’t happening. This is a random dream,’” the 28-year-old mom in Maryland tells

Hindir-Lane’s husband, Julien, was also at the doctor's appointment, but when he was pulled away for a work call, he asked his wife to record the ultrasound. The hilarious footage was captured in 2019, but is now going viral against on TikTok. (Hindir-Lane also shared it on her Instagram.)

“I’m sorry. What!?” Hindir-Lane sputters after the technician announces she’s having twins.

“You’re lying. You’re joking. You’re so funny,” Hindir-Lane says, with a nervous laugh. She then adds: “What do you mean?”

The technician points to the screen and explains that there are two babies in Hindir-Lane’s uterus. But Hindir-Lane, who again, has an infant at home, doesn’t want to believe it, even though there are two visible babies.

“No, that’s not true,” she says. “You’re so funny — I don’t see it. No way.” 

Hindir-Lane mutters several “wows” and “OKs” before asking, “So, you mean, like two, right?” The technician confirms, yes, it’s two.

“How do you even push them at the same time?” Hindir-Lane wonders, in a shaky voice.

"Well, one baby comes out first..." the technician says, to which Hindir-Lane responds, "Oh God!"

“I was in shock,” she tells “I was in a shock for a long time.”

“She’s having a panic attack,” one person wrote in the comments on Hindir-Lane’s TikTok video.

Hindir-Lane, 28, gave birth to identical twin daughters, Apphia and Atarah, in January 2020. The content creator and her husband are also parents of Ezechiel, 4, and Elzaphan, 1. She says their family is complete.

Hindir-Lane can't imagine life without twins.

"They giggle together in their room and talk to each other with their eyes," she says. "It's truly a privilege to watch their bond."