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Shanna Moakler says Travis Barker-Kourtney Kardashian union caused issues with their kids

"We all know the truth. I go to bed at night, I sleep very well," Moakler told Bunnie XO on her podcast.
/ Source: TODAY

Shanna Moakler says the "glitter and fame" of her ex-husband Travis Barker's relationship with Kourtney Kardashian caused a family rift.

"When Travis got with Kourtney, there was some parental alienation going on there, where Travis — even when we weren't together — always wanted to be the 'super dad,'" the model said on the "Dumb Blonde" podcast hosted by Bunnie XO, in a preview posted to TikTok on Jan. 8.

Moakler and the Blink-182 drummer share daughter Alabama, 18, and son Landon, 20. Moakler also has a 24-year-old daughter named Atiana with ex-partner Oscar De La Hoya.

“When the (Kardashians) first came around, they were enamored, just as like, young kids would be enamored by them,” Moakler said in the preview. “I think there was a lot of glitter and fame and they watched them on TV and now their dad is dating one and they’re going to be on the show. And I think they got caught up in that, which young kids would do.”

Bunnie XO, wife of musician Jelly Roll, bills herself as “the trailerpark Barbara Walters” on her “Dumb Blonde” podcast, which she started in 2019.

Moakler and Barker starred in the reality show "Meet the Barkers" during their marriage, which lasted from 2004 to 2008.

Barker and Kardashian were married in 2022 and share son Rocky, whose birth was confirmed in November 2023. Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick are parents of son Mason, 14, daughter Penelope, 11, and son Reign, 9. has reached out to Kourtney Kardashian for comment.

Co-parenting hasn't been smooth sailing for the former couple.

“As long as she’s great to my kids and they’re both happy, I’m happy for them,” Moakler told Us Weekly in 2021 of Kardashian. “I absolutely am super happy for them. I think they’ve been friends for a really long time. My kids seem to really like her, and they all seem (to be) in a good place, and I’m in a good place, so it’s good!”

Later that year, Moakler responded to social media comments from Alabama and Landon that suggested she wasn't a present mother.

“The claims of being absent from my children’s lives are false and incredibly hurtful. Co-parenting is hard, but I have always and will continue to prioritize my children’s happiness and well-being,” Moakler told People.

Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker during Beachers Comedy Madhouse - October 9, 2004 at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker were married from 2004 to 2008. Denise Truscello / WireImage

“I refuse to involve them in a vindictive parenting competition where feelings are bound to get hurt," Moakler told the outlet. "Encouraging relationships with both parents is a duty on both mother and father. I know one day my children will see through the fame and money machine they have been thrust into and realize their mother loves and will always be there for them.”

Moakler told the "Dumb Blonde" podcast that, as a parent, she couldn't compete with Kourtney and Travis' lifestyle.

"They're buying them Prada and they're buying them gifts and they're going to these events and they're meeting Kanye (West) and all this big stuff," Moakler said. "And I can't give them that. I don't have that. I don't have access to that, I don't have the money to do that. I can't buy you guys Prada every other week. I can't do it. My house isn't a mansion like Travis'. I don't have a movie theater. I don't have golf carts for you kids to drive around."

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian
Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, who recently welcomed their son Rocky, got married in 2022.Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

Moakler said she's talked through the issues with her children.

"I think comments were made and I think they were influenced," Moakler said in the podcast. "And it was hurtful. And I've had conversations with them since, and they've apologized but I'm not going to take one comment that my angry teenage kid says to me and now ... I'm a f****** deadbeat mom. No, they all know I'm not. We all know the truth. I go to bed at night, I sleep very, very well."

Moakler said she took a step back from the media coverage of Barker and Kardashian, for her mental health.

"At one point, I just was like, you know what? That s*** was all getting played out in the press with one of the biggest, most powerful families in the world and they're a media machine," said Moakler on the podcast, adding, "I removed myself so they couldn't bond with my children over hating me. Go do what you guys need to do and when you're ready, I will be here loving you unconditionally and I will be here as your mother and I will wait. And that's what I did."