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Savannah Guthrie started a new bedtime routine to calm down her kids ... and it really works

The TODAY co-anchor is mom of an 8-year-old daughter, Vale, and a 6-year-old son, Charley.
Savannah Guthrie is sharing her new calming bedtime routine.
Savannah Guthrie is sharing her new calming bedtime routine.TODAY, @feldmike via Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

As a mom of two young kids, Savannah Guthrie knows the bedtime debacle all too well. 

“There’s always that after-dinner, after-bath, but before it’s time to go to sleep moment and that can be really stressful,” Savannah tells “You’re like, 'I can’t play another game of Uno.' And, ‘Please, don’t play soccer in the hallway.’”

But, thanks to a new routine, Savannah, who shares daughter Vale, 8, and son Charley, 6, with her husband, Michael Feldman, no longer feels so stretched. 

“We’re doing nighttime yoga, me and the two kids,” Savannah says. “This is not the kind of yoga where they’re gonna pull a hamstring. This is restorative, sleepy, gentle yoga.”

“It’s something that we can do together, and something that frankly, I need, too,” she says. “We just sit there for 10 or 15 minutes and do our little yoga practice and get really quiet.”

Charley is feeling the benefits of their sessions, which Savannah describes as "meditation with movement."

“He said, ‘Mom, I think I’m sleeping better,’” Savannah shares. 

Savannah also encourages her kids to journal as a way to regulate their emotions. She says Vale "loves to write."

“Part of what we’re trying to reach them is how to self-soothe and how to entertain themselves,” she explains. “So besides the yoga, sometimes I might say, ‘If you’re upset about something, why don’t you go and write it down in your journal? No one is gonna read it but you.’ And I think (Vale) really likes that.” 

For younger kiddos like Charley, Savannah suggests asking them to draw pictures of how they feel. Make sure they know it's for their eyes only.

"They're great kids and it's my job to just help them uncover that and not get in the way," Savannah tells "Every mom will say this, but I do think they're spectacular people and I love getting to have this this front row seat as they discover who they are going to be."

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