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Rebel Wilson's girlfriend shares how parenting has changed their lives

Ramona Agruma reveals in an interview that parenting with Wilson has been "truly life-changing" so far.
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Rebel Wilson's girlfriend Ramona Agruma shared an update on what it's like to be a parent.Alex Goodlett / Getty Images for Operation Smile

Rebel Wilson’s girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, is sharing an update on what it’s like to be a parent alongside Wilson, following the birth of daughter Royce Lillian.

The baby's birth via surrogate was announced a few weeks ago, just months after Wilson went public with her relationship with Agruma. The actor's girlfriend appeared on Australia's "The Morning Show," calling the parenting experience "truly life-changing, but in a good way."

"It’s like you start thinking about someone else instead of yourself, priorities change," Agruma said. "When you think, ‘Aw, I wish I could go have a massage’ or something, instead you’re like, ‘No, I just want to spend time with her and be at home.’"

Agruma added that motherhood has not necessarily been exactly what they thought it would be.

"You always think about it, but you can't really expect (it)," she said. "You don't know what it's going to be like until you're actually in that situation. It's been amazing."

Wilson previously revealed the meaning behind the baby's name: Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson. The "Pitch Perfect" star said the name checked off a lot of boxes.

“I wanted an original name starting with the letter R and so eventually landed on that one,” she told People. “Lillian and Elizabeth are both family names carried by women in my family who I admire. Elizabeth, which is also my middle name, after the late Queen.”

Wilson also dished on Royce's baby shower, which she said was planned entirely by her girlfriend.

Agruma, Wilson added, is "so amazing and such a great partner."

"It was the most gorgeous baby shower with friends from around the world," Wilson said.