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Olivia Munn shares important message about breastfeeding amid baby formula shortage

"I have low milk supply, so to keep my baby fed I depend on formula,” she said.
/ Source: TODAY

The nationwide baby formula shortage is starting to send Olivia Munn into panic mode.

Munn — who is a proud mom to her 5-month-old son, Malcolm, whom she shares with John Mulaney — said that she depends on formula to feed her child.

"It’s so crazy when people say 'if you breastfeed you won’t have to worry about the formula shortage!' I have low milk supply, so to keep my baby fed I depend on formula," she wrote on Twitter. "I wish I could breastfeed so I wouldn’t be panicking about the shortage right now. But I don’t have a choice."

Some fans responded back to Munn, 41, and said that they understood where she was coming from.

One person said it's never wise to "downplay" breastfeeding.

Another said that not everyone could breastfeed.

A third added that Munn should just focus on her child and just forget about her haters.

However, one person did say that Munn might be closing herself off from some options.

This Twitter user said that it was helpful to get her formula from another country.

During the pandemic, parents found it hard to buy their favorite formulas in stores.

According to Ben Reich, CEO and founder of Datasembly, the shortage for baby formula started to happen due to “inflation, supply chain shortages and product recalls.”

Major retailers, such as CVS, Walgreens and Target, have begun to limit the amount of product that customers could purchase in store and online in the United States.

New data by Datasembly shows that things are getting worse by the minute. In January, baby formula shortages were at 23% and in May they rose to 43%.

Families all over the U.S have been suffering from these numbers.

“I’m very stressed,” Chevella Lawrence, a mom in Washington, D.C, told TODAY Parents earlier this year. “I have family members in Maryland and Virginia looking to find it for me. I’ve been begging friends who work in retail to call me as soon as they get a shipment. I don’t know what to do at this point.”

Due to the shortage, President Joe Biden tweeted on Wednesday, May 18 that he's going to take "two new steps to increase the baby formula supply," such as "invoking the Defense Production Act to increase domestic production" and launch an operation known as "Fly Formula."

This operation will "use federal planes to fly formula in from abroad," he said on Twitter.

"We’re making sure safe formula gets to all who need it, Biden added.

On Friday, Biden gave an update on his plan and said that "1.5 million bottles of safe Nestlé infant formula will be coming to U.S. shelves as soon as possible."