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Preschool sensation Ms. Rachel makes fun of herself in video with comedian Elyse Myers

The unlikely mashup that has moms everywhere smiling.
/ Source: TODAY

Ms. Rachel isn't afraid to have a little fun at her own expense.

Rachel Griffin Accurso, known online as Ms. Rachel, is accustomed to making sing-songy learning videos for the 4-and-under crowd on her “Songs for Littles” YouTube channel, but her latest viral post is for her fellow moms.

The beloved New York City preschool teacher turned YouTube and TikTok star teamed up with fellow internet favorite Elyse Myers for a bit of real talk on her reality.

"When you forget how to be friends with adults," Accurso captioned the video.

In the viral clip, which has amassed more than one million likes and nearly nine million views, Accurso and Myers are sitting across from one another at a table in a restaurant.

"Put it in, put it in, put it...," Accurso sings, pausing as she would in one of her videos for small kids, while holding a sugar packet over her coffee.

Myers stares quizzically and replies, "In?"

"In! Good job!" Accurso says, adding the sugar, and mimicking what she does on her channel, using repetition and praise as a learning tool.

But Myers has some thoughts.

"It's just us. Like, it's okay," she says in the video, practically begging Accurso to snap out of Ms. Rachel mode.

Seemingly convinced, Accurso replies, "You know what, you're right, I can just be myself."

Accurso smiles before praising herself and clapping, earning some forced clapping from Myers.

Accurso tells the video is all in good fun.

"It pokes fun at me and how when you’re home all day with kids it’s hard to switch to adult mode, which I think parents really relate to," she says. "You end up accidentally talking to grown ups like they are kids."

More than 12,000 parents jumped into the comment section.

"This is how I feel when I’m talking to adults after being with my daughter all day," one user wrote.

Another chimed in, "This is me as a SAHM trying to relate to other adults."

Accurso, who began her Youtube channel after her son, Thomas, was diagnosed with a speech delay, credits the video idea to her friend, children’s book writer Loryn Brantz.

The collaboration between the social media stars was, unsurprisingly, born online.

"I saw on a TikTok video Elyse made that she was debating coming to New York City to see a Billboard of her podcast, 'Funny Cuz It’s True'," Accurso tells

So Accurso did what anyone would do — she left a comment.

"I said in a TikTok comment that she should come to New York City to see it and also be on 'Songs For Littles' while she’s here," Accurso explains.

Nearly 4,000 moms liked Accurso's comment.

"There were many comments from moms who love Elyse saying they would love to see her on our YouTube show for toddlers," Accurso says.

Myers messaged Accurso and the two set up a time to meet.

In addition to filming a new "Songs For Littles" episode about making friends, the duo recorded a few social media videos.

"The (upcoming) video is on toddler and preschool social skills but we say in the scene, grown-ups need friends, too," Accurso says of the yet-to-be-released video. "I’m so happy to have a new friend, Elyse."