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Why are moms on the internet fighting over Ms. Rachel?

Two sides of the internet are battling over the "Songs For Littles" educator.
/ Source: TODAY

People are being critical of Ms. Rachel and some moms on the internet are simply not having it.

Rachel Griffin Accurso, known online as Ms. Rachel, is a celebrity to the 4-and-under crowd thanks to her educational videos entitled “Songs For Littles" — so why are adults so upset?

While the exact source of contention has not been formally identified, fans of Accurso are pointing to a video by TikTok creator @Mama_Burg, who identifies herself online as a "traditional mother," shared to the platform in February 2023.

The video uploaded by the creator takes issue with Ms. Rachel and co-star, Jules, a musician and guitarist who uses they/them pronouns.

"Cant we just have a non political kids show!" Mama_Burg captioned the video, which says "When Ms Rachel introduces they/them/their pronouns so you have to stop watching her."

Some parents wrote sentiments of agreement.

"I haven't really seen it in her videos yet, but if it ever happens my daughter will be finding a new show," one mom wrote.

Another added, "I too wish they would leave that out. I admit I fast forward certain scenes everytime bc my toddler doesn't need to be exposed to anything non innocent."

But others have taken a far different approach, expressing a different opinion in the comment section of the original video and creating videos of their own.

"Jules and Rachel are my coparents. I will throw down for them," one user commented.

Another added, "I’m so thankful for Ms. Rachel for creating content that has helped my speech delayed child immensely but also being inclusive and kind."

TikTok creator "She's Finding Joy" created a video breaking down the debate in a video titled "We're not cancelling Ms. Rachel in this Christian household."

"It has come to my attention the internet wants to cancel Ms. Rachel," Tiffany, the mom behind the account, writes. "It has to do with a person named Jules on the show. There are no conversations about Jules' gender identity, there are no gender identity talks toward the toddlers or anything like that.

This is just Jules mentioning on their personal TikTok account, which the kids don't watch anyway, that they prefer to be called they, them."

The creator behind @Mama_Burg, who asked to only be identified by her TikTok name for safety, tells she has had multiple death threats against her family since she shared the video calling out Ms. Rachel.

"It’s important to me because the truth matters and will always matter," she says of sharing her values on her social platform. "This country was founded on free speech. I want my kids to be able to enjoy the liberties our founding fathers fought so hard to give us."

Despite the backlash, Mama_Burg stands by her sentiments.

"At the end of the day, what other people have to say about me isn’t of my concern, and honestly doesn’t affect my day," she says. "I’m confident in my beliefs and who I am as a wife, mother and person. I don’t answer to them."

While Accurso seemed to initially shrug off any criticisms — she shared a playful video of her Ms. Rachel character "skipping away from mean emails" — the mom and Youtube creator ultimately shared she would be taking some time away from social media.

"I'm taking a break from TikTok for my mental health,” Accurso sings in her trademark tone in a video that has racked up more than seven million views at time of publication.

“Hurtful videos and comments, no matter how much attention they get, will not bring you what you want,” she captioned the video. “Only love can do that.”

Accurso did not return's request for comment.