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11 timeless ideas for mother-daughter tattoos

Ink is forever, just like Mom.

The perils of tattooing your significant other’s name on your body are numerous. When a romantic relationship goes bust, you’re stuck with permanent ink that’s a painful reminder of love lost, and winds up being something you’ll want to remove posthaste. Mother and daughter tattoos, on the other hand, are meant to last forever. Much like the mother-daughter bond. 

TODAY co-anchor Savannah Guthrie told Drew Barrymore she wants a tattoo to honor her mother, who recently turned 80. “I’m copying someone, actually, that I work with. She had her mom’s handwriting lightly done, like yours is, and her mom wrote, ‘Love you more,’ because that’s what they say to each other. So, I would like something cool, like that, of my mom.”

Maryland-based tattoo artist Ashley Paige, the owner of Artizmylov tattoos, said mother-daughter tattoos are a great idea, “because they represent a life-giving and lifelong bond. Unlike the significant other tattoo that can be a gamble, mother-daughter tattoos are a great idea to depict the beauty of your special relationship with your mother/mother figure." 

The same sentiment applies to dads, as TODAY’s Carson Daly said of his own tattoos: “I want it to be timeless—something where you look at it in 30 years and you’re not embarrassed by what you have,” Carson said. “I’m a family-first kind of guy, so everything on my body is really about my family.” 

When it comes to choosing tattoos, you want something to be, yes, timeless, but also meaningful, personal, and unique. Something that in 20 years’ time, will still make you smile. Below are some of our favorite mother-daughter tattoos for Mother’s Day. 

Mama elephant and baby elephant tattoo

Given that pachyderms signify strength and luck, as well as health and happiness, we can’t think of a better tattoo to symbolize your relationship. 

 Celtic motherhood knot

This one speaks for itself. It celebrates the enduring bond between mother and child. Each dot within the knot symbolizes a child.


Pink carnation tattoo

The flower symbolizes a mother’s love, and it’s a wonderful way of reminding each other that you’re always top of mind.


Geographic coordinates tattoos

Find something that’s meaningful, be it your birthplace, your favorite destination, or somewhere you spent a magical weekend with your mother. And get matching coordinate tattoos. They’re absolutely original, and utterly meaningful.


Evil eye tattoo

Unlike its off-putting name, this one actually is meant to protect against misfortune. It’s also absolutely timeless, and nothing that will become less trendy over time. Which is what you want. 


Mother and daughter infinity tattoo

Mama holding her precious child. Forever connected. Perfection. 


Dragonfly tattoo

This one symbolizes transformation. And that’s what life is all about: Adaptability, chance, growth. 


Heart tattoo

Honestly, sometimes simplest is best. And this lovely, understated heart tattoo reminds you that even when you’re far apart, your mom holds your heart close to hers.


Butterfly tattoo

The kicker is, each person gets half a butterfly on each hand. And when you’re together, the ink is complete. It doesn’t hurt that butterflies stand for rebirth and change. 


Personal quote tattoo

Have your mom write a word, or phrase, that’s meaningful to her and have it tattooed in her own handwriting. Every time you see it, you think of her and a lesson she imparted. 


Sun and moon tattoos

Because you’re forever connected.