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Mom’s ‘tuck and roll’ carpool line tutorial strikes a chord with parents

“Every parent should be required to watch this video prior to the first week of school.”

One Texas mom is sharing a hilarious public service announcement about the nightmare that is the school drop-off line. 

In a now-viral TikTok video, Lateasha Witherspoon, with the help of her sons, Jason, 8, and Jeremiah, 6, demonstrates how to quickly exit a vehicle.

“First things first, put your kids on the passenger side of the car,” Witherspoon says, noting that if you have multiple children, teach them how to “slide” or “shuffle” out. 

Next, make sure your kiddos are “holding the latch” once you are “three or four cars” from the designated drop-off area. They should also have their backpacks on, according to Witherspoon. Being uncomfortable for a few seconds won’t hurt them, in fact, she says it’s good for their posture.

“They need to be ready to go,” she explains. 

Witherspoon then issues a stern warning to other parents.

“Ya’ll have got to stop getting out of the car and opening the doors for them. Let them open their own damn door — it takes too much time,” she declares.

Her last tip is a doozy.

“Most importantly, we are yielding,” Witherspoon jokes. “It’s not a stop. It’s a yield… We’re gonna teach them how to tuck and roll.”

Witherspoon’s clip is resonating with parents everywhere — including actor Kristen Bell, who posted it to her Instagram story on Monday.

“I wish I could like this 100 times,” one person commented on Witherspoon’s TikTok.

Added another, “Every parent should be required to watch this video prior to the first week of school.”

Lateasha Witherspoon with her sons, Jason and Jeremiah.
Lateasha Witherspoon with her sons, Jason and Jeremiah.Courtesy Lateasha Witherspoon

“We’ve been to three different schools and it’s the same thing no matter where you go,” Witherspoon, 32, told TODAY Parents. “No matter what time you get there, it’s always slow. I get anxiety every morning. We’ve got to get to our jobs, we have places to be.”

Shortly after Witherspoon shared the tutorial, she received a call from the principal at the school that Jason and Jeremiah attend. At first, Witherspoon thought she was in trouble. But it was just the opposite.

“He was like, ‘I gotta thank you,’” she said. “He wants to post it on the school (Facebook) page!”