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Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins detail parenting 'chaos' with 4 daughters

The couple are parents to Willa Gray, 6, Ada James, 4, Lennon Love, 2, and Lillie Carolina, 3 months.
/ Source: TODAY

There is never a dull — or quiet — moment at the home of Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins.

On Monday, the country music star joined TODAY's Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager from his home in Nashville to talk about life as a father of four.

"It’s complete chaos, but I would not change it for the world," Rhett told TODAY of life as a family of six.

Rhett and Akins are mom and dad to four girls: Willa Gray, 6, Ada James, 4, Lennon Love, 2, and Lillie Carolina, 3 months.

"We’re tired all the time, but we are learning how to live tired," Rhett shared.

Rhett said that after welcoming youngest daughter Lillie Carolina in November 2021, his older daughters wondered if they would lose attention from mom and dad.

"It affected Lennon quite a bit, but now, watching them take on this amazing big sister role has been the coolest things as a dad to get to watch," Rhett said. "It’s been incredible."

But those sweet moments are countered with a little bit of mischief.

Earlier this month, Akins posted to Instagram asking fellow moms for help.

"I am home alone with the four kids, and three of the four are sick, so the older two are not in school. While I was feeding the baby, I let them brush my hair," she explained, while a black comb hung knotted from her long hair.

Akins, 32, said the girls attempted to "curl" her hair.

"I didn't realize this is what they were doing and here we are," she said pointing to the mess on her head. "I'm stuck and I really don't want to cut my hair. If any moms have any suggestions, let me hear them."

Akins received more than 4,000 comments from moms offering suggestions, ranging from deep conditioning treatments to peanut butter and coconut oil.

Other commenters offered humorous support.

"Tuck that comb up into your ponytail. It’s now a permanent part of your head," one follower wrote.

On Tuesday, Akins shared an update from her "mom diary."

"FREEDOM!!!!" she captioned a carousel of photos and videos documenting how she removed the comb from her head with the help of her mother-in-law and some friends.

She continued, "Thanks for ALL of y’all’s ideas and encouragement, here’s the play by play just in case any of y’all find yourselves in the same predicament."

The process began by trimming the hair out of the comb with scissors.

Then, Akins laid her head down on a cutting board, so her friend could cut the bristles off the comb.

"People on Instagram said that. Cut all the bristles and then get the hair off," Akins explained while her friends worked on her hair.

On a later slide, Akins shared the bristles of the comb being sliced off one by one using a giant knife.

"Just don't move Lauren," a voice is heard saying right before the final chop that released the comb.

In the last slide Akins shared the clump of her hair that was lost in the incident, as well as a selfie documenting her comb-free head.

Akins' hair emergency resonated with fellow moms.

"Well if this doesn’t display motherhood I don’t know what does," one commenter shared.

Another chimed in, "Have kids they said… it’ll be fun they said."

Of the hair fiasco, Rhett shared, "I literally had to leave to go to the studio for an hour. They love to brush Lauren’s hair. Right before I left, I was like, 'Girls, you can’t be curling mommy’s hair.' I came back home to this chaos. A typical day in our house."