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Kaley Cuoco’s daughter met her first crush on the TODAY Show: ‘She’s obsessed’

“She’s amazing and she loves the TODAY Show,” Cuoco shared.

Move over Al Roker: Kaley Cuoco's daughter just might be coming for your job!

The actor paid Studio 1A a virtual visit on Monday, June 5, and revealed that her 2-month-old, Matilda Carmine Richie Pelphrey, is already a big fan of TODAY.

"She’s amazing and she loves the TODAY Show," Cuoco, 37, told 3rd Hour of TODAY co-hosts Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dryer.

Baby Matilda's young fandom is a result of this year's Citi Concert Series on TODAY; the 2-month-old watched the Jonas Brothers perform on the Plaza, alongside her mom.

"You guys, she was sitting there with me," Cuoco said. "She loves the Jonas Brothers — she’s obsessed. I blame you for her first crush."

It turns out, Matilda may even have a future career all lined up.

"When she’s old enough you bring her in she’ll do weather with us," Al told Cuoco, much to her delight.

The former "Big Bang Theory" star gave birth to her first child on March 30. She shares Matilda with her partner, actor Tom Pelphrey, 40.

"We are overjoyed and grateful for this little miracle," Cuoco wrote in an Instagram caption announcing her foray into motherhood. "Thank you to the doctors, nurses, family and friends who have helped us immensely over the last few days. We are blessed beyond belief."

"You guys, (motherhood) is so awesome," Cuoco told Al, Sheinelle and Dylan. "I never thought this would be something that would happen to me. I mean, look at her — it’s incredible. It’s what everyone says: Until you have it, you don’t know."

"It’s what everyone says: Until you have it, you don’t know."

Kaley Cuoco Said about motherhood

Baby Matilda was changing Cuoco's life long before she entered the world — the actor revealed her real-life pregnancy impacted the script and storyline for her on-screen character Ava Bartlett in the new Peacock dark comedy “Based on a True Story."

"She’s also pregnant, which I was very pregnant while we were shooting," Cuoco said, adding that her character wasn't originally written to be pregnant.

"The original script was written that they had grown kids and then as we talked about it it that really didn’t work — so that got taken away," she said. "So then it was a couple with no kids and then I got pregnant and I was like: What if she’s pregnant?"

Al noted that Cuoco's pregnancy and television character was "art imitating life in a way."

Al then gave the new mom some very special instructions regarding his (potential) future co-worker.

"Give little Matilda a kiss for us we can’t wait to meet her."