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Jenna Bush Hager’s daughter Mila went live on air with some embarrassing stories about mom

“I love her so much, but it’s time for her to go because if she’s already dropped one truth bomb, who knows what’s coming,” Jenna Bush Hager said.

Jenna Bush Hager's oldest daughter, 9-year-old Mila, isn't afraid to spill some embarrassing tea about her mom.

While visiting the set of Hoda & Jenna on Tuesday, Dec. 20, Mila quickly started to drop what Jenna referred to as "truth bombs" about the 41-year-old TODAY with Hoda & Jenna cohost.

Yes, on national television, and to Jenna's horror.

It all started innocently enough: Hoda Kotb asked the smiling 9-year-old if it is "fun being here with mom for work." Mila said yes, and proud mom Jenna shared what the pair did earlier that day.

"We went and met the kitten we're going to adopt," she explained.

The kitten is brown and will be named Holly, Mila said. Holly will sleep with Mila — who shared she has been dreaming about having a kitten since she was 2 — but is allowed to sleep with sister Poppy, Mila added, "if she's nice to me."

Hoda asked Mila if she loves kittens because her mom does, but the oldest of the three Bush Hager children insisted she doesn't — loving kittens is her own thing.

"Are you exactly like your mom?" Hoda asked Mila, who shook her head "no."

"How are you different, little missy?" Jenna asked her daughter.

"Because I'm better," she replied, smiling. "Dude!" Jenna responded.

And that's when Mila decided to choose chaos.

Hoda asked Mila if she knew what Hoda loves about her mom the most.

"You know when I love her the most, Mila? When she's laughing so hard she can't catch her breath," she said.

"Yeah, one time she was laughing in our living room and she peed her pants!" Mila responded, to Jenna's shock. "You changed your pajamas!"

"Thank you, Mila," Jenna said, clearly embarrassed. "Thank you so much."

After the laughter subsided, Jenna tried to gently urge her daughter to leave the set.

"I love her so much, but it's time for her to go because if she's already dropped one truth bomb, who knows what's coming," Jenna laughed as she gave her daughter a loving squeeze. "I think Hoda is trying to get the truth bombs out, but no more."

"Is that the last one?" Hoda asked Mila.

"Nope!" Mila replied, all smiles.

"Ok, just one little one," Hoda said, leaning all the way into the chaos of the morning. "One tiny one."

Mila took a few seconds to think of something truly juicy, and like all oldest daughters, she delivered:

"She never wears underwear!" she exclaimed. "She is not wearing it right now! I saw her change!"

Laughing through her horror, Jenna gave her tea-spilling daughter a quick farewell.

"OK, goodbye! Goodbye, I love you!" she said, as she waved her daughter off set. She then turned her attention to Mila's partner-in-crime, Hoda.

"I said no more!" Jenna said, laughing.

All Hoda could do was laugh along with the rest of us. Kids really do say the darnedest things.

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