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Hoda Kotb brings her daughter’s class to the TODAY Show for the ultimate field trip

“Hoda is now the most popular mom in the whole school.”

Is Hoda Kotb the coolest parent at her kids' school, or what? She invited her daughter Haley's entire first-grade class to visit the TODAY Show, and the studio was packed with cuteness.

Haley, Hoda's oldest daughter, looked delighted to be hanging out with her mom at work. About 20 of Haley's classmates and her teacher sat "criss-cross applesauce" on the floor of Studio 1A to watch Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager do their thing on live television.

Hoda Kotb and Haley Joy
Haley joined her mom in the spotlight for a little bit.TODAY

Haley's class kicked off the show with a very enthusiastic waving of pompoms as Hoda and Jenna walked in.

"I have a question," Hoda asked. "Is this the best field trip you've ever had?"

"YEAH!" the kids responded in a unanimous cheer.

"You have set the bar very high," warned Jenna, a mom of three.

"I'm so happy," Hoda said.

"Hoda is now the most popular mom in the whole school," Jenna announced.

Hoda Kotb
Ultimate field trip mom: Hoda hosted her daughter Haley's first grade class for an epic field trip to Studio 1A.TODAY

Hoda shared that her kids play "Hoda and Jenna," and Haley used to always want to be Jenna. But apparently her tastes have changed, as she said she now likes to pretend to be "Mommy."

Haley, 7, is big sister to Hope, 4. Hoda recently shared how a moment of bravery by her daughter at a gymnastics birthday party inspired her as a parent.

Back to the show, and the field trip: After sharing a social media video about LeBron James' special "no rules" day with his daughter, Hoda and Jenna agreed that the idea was cute, but not for them.

"We're the grown-ups," Jenna said.

"Yeah, we've got to have rules," Hoda agreed.

Turning to Haley and her classmates, Jenna asked, "Do you guys love a no-rules day?"

"YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" was the resounding reply.

Jenna, a former teacher, got right down on the floor with the kids. Turning into a roving reporter, she asked, "What would you do with a 'no rules' day?"

Haley said, "I would watch all the TV I want." When Jenna asked her which show she would watch, Haley jubilantly shouted out, "Bluey!"

Several of the other children agreed that screen time was absolutely the way to go on a "no rules" day.

Continuing with the honesty trend, one child said, "I would buy whatever I want!" and another added, "I would eat all the candy I wanted."

Can't argue with those choices, kids!