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After 7 kids, this is why Hilaria Baldwin says the hardest number to have is 2

"It’s going to be chaos."
/ Source: TODAY

Hilaria Baldwin is not overwhelmed with seven children — her trickiest years were as a mother of two.

"With two, I felt like I could still have a level of control; I was trying to micromanage everything," the yoga instructor told Romper on June 21. "And once I got to three, I just released and was like, ‘OK, it’s going to be chaos. We are outnumbered. You’ve got to let it go.'"

Baldwin invited Romper into the New York City home she shares with husband Alec Baldwin and their seven children: Carmen, 9, Rafael, 8, Leonardo, 6, Romeo, 5, Eduardo, 2, María Lucía, 2, and Ilaria, 9 months. 

With control no longer the blueprint, Baldwin follows her mom gut.

"I’m probably like 90% gentle parenting,” she told the outlet. "Though every once in a while, you have to say: ‘Stop it. Full stop. Right now.'"

"Do we raise our voices?" she added. "Sure. It happens."

There is no parenting sorcery that controls that kind of pandemonium, but Baldwin may know something: an older survey from TODAY Parents found that mothers with four or more kids feel less stressed than those with fewer children, perhaps because these moms are letting go.

A supportive partnership helps — aside from their nannies, the couple splits parenting tasks.

The actor takes care of school drop-off and story reading before bed; Baldwin oversees homework, meals and twice-daily baths.

“They’ll literally just line up,” Baldwin told Romper of the children's bathing routine. “And we go 1, 2, 3, really fast, hair, shampoo in and out. I spray them. When I was younger, I read "Cheaper by the Dozen." And the only thing I remember about the book is that they figured out the most efficient way to use a bar of soap.”