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HGTV star who had baby at 42 responds to body shamers: ‘You don’t just snap back’

Egypt Sherrod welcomed her youngest daughter, Harper, back in February 2019.
Egypt Sherrod speaks onstage during the 2019 Black Love Summit at Mason Fine Art Gallery on July 20, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Egypt Sherrod speaks onstage during the 2019 Black Love Summit at Mason Fine Art Gallery on July 20, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Egypt Sherrod is not tolerating the body-shaming comments that she’s received on social media since giving birth to her youngest daughter three years ago.

On Instagram on Friday, February 18, Sherrod shared a screenshot from Twitter of a response she wrote when a user asked, “Why Egypt Sherrod get her booty done?”

“I didn’t…I had a baby over 40!” Sherrod replied.

Alongside the screenshot, the 45-year-old HGTV star shared a message denouncing body shaming, writing in part, “I mean…. I am just gonna let this sit right here for a minute because I have absolutely NO SHAME about my body.”

“Body shaming is something we should never do, especially when you have no idea what your talking about,” Sherrod continued. “When you have a baby over 40 it hits different. You don’t just snap back. Especially because I couldn’t breast feed since the docs had to dry me out due to fluid in my lungs. So YES I am dragging a continent behind me. And it is what it is… Deal with it!”

Sherrod clarified another rumor about her postpartum body, writing that she "did not get implants" and "actually got a reduction."

"But the damn things grew back after Harper," Sherrod continued. "And YES one day I may get a mommy makeover. But IF I do, it is my decision and I will NOT be shamed over it."

Sherrod concluded her post with a series of hashtags, including “#DealWithIt," "#CurvesInAllTheRightPlaces" and "#ThickWomenCount.”

In the comments, the “Property Virgins” star received plenty of love and support from her fellow HGTV colleagues, as well as a touching message from her husband of over a decade, Mike Jackson, who shared a summary of his thoughts on the body shaming in a short list.

“I’ll never respond to folks again, because I never pay attention to negative nonsense,” Jackson wrote. “... 1 my wife has always had a healthy rear end 2. No she hasn’t (had) work 3. What other people have to say don’t matter 4. Yes I love every inch, circumference, slope etc of (her body) 5. She’s super sexy 6. In my opinion, Asking if someone with a natural body has had some work done is compliment, because you like what you see! 7. I’m stepping off my soap box.”

Sherrod and Jackson have two children together: Kendall, 10, and Harper, 3. They also share a daughter named Simone from Jackson’s prior relationship.

At the end of December last year, Sherrod reflected on how much her family had grown, penning a sweet message in the caption about balancing motherhood with the rest of her life. In the Instagram post, she shared four photos of the family of five as they all posed together in coordinating outfits. 

“The last pic is literally a one year difference from the first pic,” she wrote in the caption. “As you can see, kids grow FAST! That’s why every moment with them counts. True SUCCESS for me has been in finding balance.”

“Trust me, running my real estate business, tv career and family in a way where my family and career goals are fulfilled has been a juggling act," Sherrod added.

The television and radio personality recalled years where she felt like all she did was work but ended up discovering she ultimately lacked “love or fulfillment at home.”

“That’s when I realized it couldn’t be all grind, and I had to balance my priorities,” she explained. “Having a family was definitely one of them. Hang in there mommas!! You can indeed have it all, but it will be a constant recalibration of priorities. You may have to allow a few work opportunities to pass for a while, but they’ll be there when u are ready to grind again. For now, be there for the small family moments and the big ones.”