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Dylan Dreyer’s hack for handling rowdy kids is going viral: ‘Don’t judge,’ she pleads

"Masterclass in how to silence your rowdy children," husband Brian Fichera declares.
/ Source: TODAY

When Dylan Dreyer's kids are being noisy, she just shakes it off.

“Dyl's masterclass in how to silence your rowdy children has reached 1 million views. Your support has been overwhelming,” Dylan’s husband, Brian Fichera, captioned an Instagram post on June 6.

In the video, Dylan is vigorously agitating a cocktail shaker filled with ice, as her 6-year-old son, Calvin, stands in the kitchen screaming “MOM!” on repeat.

“I can’t hear you because I’m shaking my drink,” the smiling TODAY co-host sings back at Calvin.

Dylan was in the studio for TODAY when Fichera shared the news on Instagram that the clip had gone viral.

"He just told me it hit a million views. That's crazy!" Dylan tells in an email. "Here’s the thing: Some people might not love the idea of drinking around your kids and to those people I say 'don’t judge!' I’ve got three boys who love being loud and love loud noises, so what better way to get the noise party started than with a cocktail shaker!"

"It was just a funny joke of drowning out the sound," she continued. "Seeing the number of views, clearly parents can relate!"

When Fichera first shared the clip in March, he was inundated with responses.

“As if I needed another reason to love her,” one fan wrote.

Added another, “I’ve never wanted to be friends with someone I’ve never met, more than I do right now.”

Dylan and Fichera, a cameraman, are also parents of Oliver, 3, and Rusty, 20 months. 

Last year, Dylan shared on Instagram a photo of a shattered bottle of red wine bleeding onto a sidewalk. It had been a long day, and Dylan was excited about that wine.

“There are no words…” Dylan wrote on Oct. 20, adding a broken heart emoji.

“I got so many comments. Everybody could relate,” Dylan revealed in an interview with “But of course you have the obnoxious person who says, ‘You shouldn’t be drinking wine — you should be raising your kids.’ First of all, give me a break. (Secondly), stop mom-shaming.”

“I have three kids and I can drink a glass of wine if I want a glass of wine,” Dylan said. 

In 2022, Dylan opened up to about her "tough love" parenting philosophy, and how she encourages her kids to work through their own dilemmas.

“When the boys are fighting over the TV, I’m like, ‘I don’t care that you want to watch ‘PAW Patrol’ and you want to watch ‘Spirit Rangers.' You guys need to figure it out,’” the meteorologist said.

Dylan added that she and Fichera “do a lot of talking to them as if they’re older than they actually are.”

“I think they understand more concepts than we give them credit for,” she explained.

Earlier this year, Dylan shared with that Fichera has helped her to communicate her feelings better.

“My family can hold a grudge. If something is bothering us, we’re like, ‘I’ll talk to you later,’ and then we never address why we were upset in the first place,” Dylan revealed. “Brian won’t even let me be mad for 10 minutes. He’s like, 'Please just talk to me about you’re upset so we can go back to having fun.’”