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Woman's discovery about her boyfriend and late mom is giving people goosebumps

Leah Menzies, now 18, was 7 when her mother died.
Leah Menzies recently discovered her late mother was her boyfriend's preschool teacher.
Leah Menzies recently discovered her late mother was her boyfriend's preschool teacher.Leah Menzies
/ Source: TODAY

When Leah Menzies, an 18-year-old college student in Australia, met her boyfriend’s family for the first time, his mother did what many moms do: she dusted off old photos. 

“His mum was telling me how he made this stupid face in a school picture. She thought it was funny,” Menzies told TODAY Parents

Menzies’ partner of seven months, Thomas McLeodd, also 18, wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. He knew exactly what picture she was talking about and went to grab it off a bookshelf. 

“He opens this album and then suddenly, he’s like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God — over and over again,” Menzies recalled. “I couldn’t figure out why he was being so dramatic.”

It was almost as if he had seen a ghost.

McLeodd was staring at a photo of himself and Menzies late mother. She had been his preschool teacher. McLeodd recognized her face from the pictures Menzies keeps in her room.

Menzies, who was seven when her mom died from liver failure, burst into tears when McLeodd showed her the image.

“It’s incredible that that she knew him," Menzies said. "What gets me is that she was standing with my future boyfriend and she had no idea.”

McLeodd doesn’t have memories of his teacher —he was just 3 years old when their paths crossed. But McLeodd’s mom remembers her as being “kind and really gentle.”

Since Menzies shared the touching story on TikTok, it's gone viral with more than 33 million views. 

“Chills. Immediate chills,” wrote on person.

Added another, “Take it as a sign from her.”

Menzies said that’s exactly what she’s doing.

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