Moms sing their praises for minivans in parody music video

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/ Source: TODAY
By Courtney Gisriel

The smooth sliding doors. The accessible center aisle. And of course...the cup holders. So many cup holders!

The minivan is still seen as the ultimate 'mom' car, but giving into its lure usually comes with a lot of grumbling. But that's definitely not the case for these moms who are singing high praise for the utility vehicle in a new music video.

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The song — a remix of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" — is catchy enough that you might (MIGHT) want to trade up for a minivan yourself.

"I never thought I'd be that mom we all know," the ladies sing. "But I need a big trunk to stack the kids' junk. Girl my mind just got blown!"

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And as the group (collectively known as The Texting Yoga Pants) points out, the minivan can also function as a mommy nap-pod or a travelling nail salon.

The possibilities are endless!