TMI? Most moms post photos immediately after giving birth

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Newborn Baby -- Delivery Room Birth Photos

Back in the day, you had to wait a few hours or even days to hear about, much less see the result, of a friend’s labor and delivery. But thanks to social media and mobile devices, birth can be live-blogged and newborn photos shared just minutes after delivery. According to a survey from Huggies of 1000+ new moms, 67% of new moms share just-born pics straight from the delivery room.

However, what do the friends and family of the 67% feel about seeing photos of what used to be an ultra-private moment? Has it all just gotten to be TMI? When I had my son, I knew my long-distance parents and friends were waiting to hear the baby news, so I posted photos of my swaddled baby burrito a few hours later. Everyone felt in-the-loop quickly. And let’s face it: I wanted to show off the fruits of my, uh, labor.

However, humor site STFU Parents has examples of people posting graphic shots of their C-section, in-progress water births or babies covered in afterbirth goo, and I think we can all agree maybe those should be reserved for the inner circle—or at least people who express interest in seeing them. I don’t need to see my 4th grade friend’s placenta pop up on my screen while I’m eating lunch at my desk.

Overall, 71% of moms said that having kids changed their feelings about what they’d share on social media, proving the urge to brag apparently birthed right along with the baby.

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