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I got a robe! Inspired by 'SNL' sketch, moms show off their Christmas gift

"Saturday Night Live" nailed it in this viral sketch.
/ Source: TODAY

If you want proof that the “Saturday Night Live” Christmas Morning sketch is the most accurate thing on the internet right now, head over to Twitter where moms are sharing photos of the robes they unboxed on Dec. 25.

Kristie Ball, who tweeted a picture of herself holding up a cozy fleece number, had a good laugh when she saw what her husband, Tim, had gifted her.

“Tim ordered it before the 'SNL' episode aired and he was sweating bullets,” Ball, a mother of 4-year-old twins in Rochester, New York, told TODAY Parents. “He was in a panic, thinking he’d butchered Christmas. But I actually really wanted a robe!”

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Amy Goohs-Hardman was also excited about the loungewear she received from her four kids.

“They were trying to be thoughtful,” said the Ohio-based mom. “I’d been wearing the same raggedy old robe for more than 16 years! It literally caught on fire.”

While Goohs-Hardman was appreciative, she still teased her children.

“The ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit is spot-on,” she proclaimed.

Tiffany Carey in Texas is now the proud owner of not one — but two — new robes.

“My husband did it to be funny, but my mother-in-law didn’t know about 'SNL,'” Carey told TODAY Parents. “It was sweet though, she got me a really nice Pottery Barn one.”

In the hilarious “SNL” sketch, Kristen Wiig plays a tired mom who stands by while her family rips open a series of big-ticket holiday gifts.

“I got a telescope!” sings the son.

“I got a globe,” sings the daughter.

“I got a watch,” sings the dad.

“And I got a robe!” sings Wiig. “Thanks for the robe, it’s really, really nice,” she adds unconvincingly. “I love this robe, guys. This is great.”