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By Terri Peters

What do big box stores, PTA meetings, yoga pants, and sidewalks have in common? In her latest YouTube release, parenting parody queen Deva Dalporto gives us the answer as she belts out her version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ hit "Uptown Funk."

In Dalporto’s version, titled "Suburban Funk," the mom of two pokes fun at the stereotypical suburban lifestyle with lines like, “We don’t walk – cruising the town in a minivan,” and “Saturday night and I’m foldin’ laundry – Don’t believe me, just watch!”

Dalporto blogs at My Life Suckers, where she recently wrote about the parody, saying that all joking aside, she loves her life in the ‘burbs and created the parody to celebrate her experience of moving from the city to a suburb of San Francisco, California.

"I think life in the ‘burbs is easy once you have kids. I had my first child in New York City and it was HARD… carting a baby around a major city was tough,” Dalporto told TODAY Parents. “When we moved to the ‘burbs, life got so much easier. And as much as I miss the fun and action of city life, our small town is a great place for my kids to grow up. They can ride bikes and walk to school. We have hundreds of kids in our neighborhood. It’s awesome."

The "Suburban Funk" crew that helped Dalporto make the video.
The "Suburban Funk" crew that helped Dalporto make the video.Deva Dalporto

And as with her other parodies, Dalporto reminds parents that everyone is dealing with the same things, regardless of where their suburb is geographically located, through humorous lyrics like, “Head to Starbucks, Costco, Toys R Us and Old Navy,” and, “Girl’s playing soccer. Dad’s gonna watch her. Mom’s playin’ doctor. Suburban funk gonna get to ya!”