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By Kavita Varma-White

A locket with a photo of your baby in it? So yesterday.

Today’s hot accessory for moms is jewelry containing liquid love, a symbol of the bonding they have with baby through nursing. Yes, it’s breast milk-filled jewelry.

Offered on several sites on the handmade marketplace, the jewelry comes in many forms, such as pendants, bracelets and even breast milk soap.

Brooke Becker, a Summerville, S.C., mom to an 11-month-old, told TODAY Moms she was so inspired by her experience nursing her first child that she wanted a keepsake to help remember it.

“I was intrigued at the idea of preserving breast milk, and loved the privacy of stowing it away in a locket,” said Becker, whose Etsy site is called Milk Mom Baby. “I experimented with the preservation, and loved the final result.”

Breast milk jewelry by Brooke Becker
Breast milk jewelry by Brooke BeckerToday

In a recent story on the trend, the Associated Press reported that two moms who purvey the breast milk jewelry “wouldn’t reveal their recipes for processing the milk, which is covered with a glaze or clear resin after it is plasticized or dehydrated.”

Becker’s friends saw her locket and wanted their own, which gave her the idea to sell DIY kits to make the lockets. “My customers always comment on how grateful they are to have a keepsake of this time in their lives. Babies grow so quickly and having something tangible to look back on appeals to people,” she said.

Commenters on a message board had mixed opinions about the jewelry, which ranges in price from $15 for locket kit to $125 for a more fancy pendant and chain.

Poster SpryteDarter wrote:

"I would be afraid like a year or two into it, it would bust [open]...Curdled milk of any kind -- ick ick ick."

Sweetest Daisy writes:

"I guess I look at is a special way to remember and honor a wonderful phase of my life. I don't think it is creepy or weird."

And while poster Johnny3sMommy says she may buy the jewelry, she'd keep in on the down-low.

“I would totally buy one for myself…but I would never tell anyone it’s breast milk."

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