Moms, how stressed are you? Take our survey!

Tearing your hair out? You're not alone. Take our survey and sound off on mom stress.

UPDATE, April 19: Thank you everyone who took the survey! We're crunching numbers right now and will report back soon on the state of mom stress... and what we can do to get happier!

We all know moms today are stressed out... but how stressed are we?

TODAY Moms is trying to get to the bottom of mom stress with this survey. What and WHO stresses you out, and why? And perhaps more importantly, what have you decided to just STOP stressing about? This is your chance to vent, anonymously.

Which is more stressful, being called into the principal's office or your boss's office? Do you worry more about your child's academic or social life? What would make your stress level go down?

We want to hear from you! Please take our survey and share it with your mom friends. We'll take the results and report back -- and talk to experts and real moms about how we can all get less stress and more happiness in our lives.