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In funny parody, moms lament the annoyance of multi-level marketing pitches

The comedians in the parody say it's not home-based businesses they're mocking — it's the incessant pitches from acquaintances.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Like any mom on social media, Leeann Dearing and Michelle Fortin's Facebook inboxes are flooded with messages from well-meaning acquaintances, asking them to try the latest multi-level marketing (MLM) product.

The hilarious moms behind Leeann and Michelle Think They're Funny came up with a unique way to ask their friends to stop the madness — a catchy parody video called, "If You're My Friend Then You'll Buy This."

"This video is for real," Fortin told TODAY Parents. "I get solicited quite frequently and repetitively — some people just don't know when to was getting out of hand, and that's how the idea was born."

The song, a parody of the Coldplay and the Chainsmokers hit, "Something Just Like This," features Fortin as a pushy salesperson, who pressures Dearing to purchase everything from lip gloss to essential oils, even convincing her to sell the products herself.

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"My friend from years ago just went and sent me this," Dearing sings in the video. "'I'm selling LulaRoe. Girl, you don't wanna miss.'"

The chorus of the parody calls out direct sales products by name, comically referencing Stella & Dot, Origami Owl, and Gold Canyon Candles, to name a few.

Dearing says the parody is not making fun of MLMs as a whole, but rather the annoyance of constant product pitches.

Michelle Fortin and Leeann Dearing, the Arizona moms behind Leeann and Michelle Think They're Funny.Leeann and Michelle Think They're Funny

"We're comedians, so the primary objective is to make people laugh...we believe that comedy is unifying and I love that we can laugh at ourselves together," said Dearing. "Direct sales are here to stay and that's not a bad thing...I know lots of women doing it right now, and I've purchased products from them actually. Our video was talking about the women who pretend to be friends to make a sale."

The parody depicts a scene in which Dearing arrives at a coffee date with a potential friend, only to be pressured to sell body wraps. The comedy duo says it's this part of the direct sales world that they take issue with.

"Motherhood is hard, and it's really hard to find time for friendship honestly, so when someone you think is a friend is actually trying to sell you something — that hurts," said Fortin. "Our MLM friends legit love the products they sell and need to make money. We get that, but let's please be genuine about our intentions with one another up front."

"There's this idea that women are all very relational and make friends around every corner, but that's not always true," said Dearing. "Some women struggle to make new friends. If you think you've found one and then discover they wanted to sell you lip gloss, that can sting a little."