Moms, do you let kids dress themselves, no matter the outfit? Share your photos

A tutu at school? Why not?

One of the all-time battles parents encounter with kids revolves around letting them go out of the house ... dressed like THAT.  

It starts early, when they insist on wearing their super hero or princess costume (don't forget the tiara!) to the grocery store. Or later, when your elementary school son wants to wear his favorite team's jersey three days in a row. Or when your teen daughter argues that it's fine to wear a crop top to school (because, duh, everyone else does it).

While there are obviously some times you have to draw the line, there are other times when letting young kids express themselves by choosing their own clothes can be downright funny.

Readers, we want to see photos of your kids in their best dressed-all-by-themselves outfits. You can submit photos by using the 'Add Photos' link below. Please include your name, city and the names and ages of your child. 

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