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Mommy, you look like a boy: Natalie Morales' son pans her new 'do

TODAY / Today
Fashionista Giuliana Rancic likes Natalie's "fierce" new bangs, but son Luke is harder to please.

Children can be the toughest beauty critics -- and TODAY anchor Natalie Morales' children are no exception.

She debuted a new hairstyle today to mostly raves from her husband, coworkers and fans. But 4-year-old Luke was having none of it. Which was scarier, showing her new haircut on national television or to her family? You can read her answer below.

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Debuting a new "do" on national TV is never easy; I worry about how viewers will take the change. I used to change my hairstyle and color a lot when I was younger (and had some really bad hair color mishaps), but that kind of thing would not go over well now. Viewers like consistency. That said, I didn't think getting a fringe bang would be such a big change, but as someone said, bangs change the whole look of the face.

I was happy when I walked out of the salon (and still am) but I was not prepared for the reaction I got at home. Of course my husband was nice about it, but did say he liked my hair the way I always have it. My oldest son was OK with it, but did not give his approval either. The harshest critic was my 4-year-old, who asked me to put my hair back. His words: "You look like a boy." Guess he thinks my bangs look like his.

Maybe I will have to take a family vote from now on. Actually I have heard from many parents on Twitter that their young kids had similar reactions to a change in appearance. Kids like consistency too...

Anyway, they'll get used to it and it is just hair! But I feel a little change is always good, especially with the changing of the seasons. And I'm happy to see most viewers who have commented seem overwhelmingly positive about it (thanks everyone).

TODAY / Today
Copying my style, mom? Apparently, 4-year-old Luke doesn't dig mom's new bangs. Kids are a tough audience!

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