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'Mommy's in New York': Funny video shows the reality of traveling without kids

In a funny Jay-Z parody, the Holderness family gets honest about pulling all-nighters once you're an exhausted parent.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

If you were given the choice between a wild night out in New York City, or a blissful sleep in a kid-free hotel room, which would you choose?

In a new parody video of the Jay-Z song, "Empire State of Mind," Penn and Kim Holderness of the Holderness Family give their answer, as they yawn their way through NYC while singing of their fondness for their former city.

"Mommy and Daddy, lookin' like ballers — one glass of wine it costs thirty dollars," Penn raps as Kim enjoys drinks at dinner. "Then we get ti-ti after sippin' Mai Tais and we try our hardest just to make it out till midnight."

Later, the North Carolina couple cancels plans with friends, taking an Uber back to their hotel instead of meeting at a bar to do shots.

"We were gonna stay out here among the towers, but there was a chance that we could sleep for ten hours," Penn sings.

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Penn tells TODAY Parents that in a past, pre-kid life, he and his wife loved staying up late and partying in New York.

"When we lived there, we were shutting bars down," said Penn. "One time, we walked home and the sun was coming up. There's something about the city that makes it almost impossible to sleep — at least that's what we thought before getting old and valuing sleep above all other things."

Kim says she has no regrets about passing on a night out to get a good night's sleep.

"We had high hopes of getting to some of our favorite restaurants and then out for cocktails," said Kim. "Around 8:30, reality set in — we were goners."

"One great thing about it," added Penn, "now that we're so old, we can get reservations at amazing restaurants because no one in NYC eats at 6:00."


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