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Mommy blogger admits to having 'a massive freak-out' about her daughter's name

Australian mommy blogger Sophie Cachia admitted to her doubts about the name she and her husband gave their newborn daughter.
/ Source: TODAY

Sophie Cachia is overjoyed at the newest addition to her family, whose birth she live-streamed on Snapchat over the weekend.

However, the Australian mommy blogger, who goes by "The Young Mummy," does admit to having second thoughts about one thing when it comes to her daughter Betty: her name.

The 26-year-old mom posted to SnapSchat on Monday, two days after Betty's birth, about her fears that maybe she and her husband, Jaryd, didn't come up with the best name. She admitted to having "a big freakout" over calling her Betty.

"I'm starting to worry she doesn't look like a Betty,'' Cachia wrote, "and doubting if I should have gone with the other name."

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"I think it’s something that happens more often now than it did a generation ago," Pamela Redmond Satran, co-founder of, told TODAY in August. “Parents care a lot more and think a lot more about names now than they did back then, and agonize a lot more about names than they did say in the mid-‘80s.”

Cachia asked her followers if they ever had issues with their baby's names shortly after their birth.

Many of them responded on Instagram that they loved the name Betty, while others admitted to having similar issues with their own babies and blaming it on their hormones following the births.

Betty joins big brother Bobby, 2, in the Cachia family, and her mother now feels her name is just right.

"I was scared that I rushed and named her Betty really quickly,'' she said on Snapchat. "And she definitely does look like the other name, too. I think the issue is that my body is in shock...I thought she was a boy, so although I had two girl names and one boy, I didn't think I would have a girl.

"I had a massive freak-out this morning. I said to Jaryd I wanted to change her name and then I didn’t want to change it. And now she's Betty blue eyes and she's beautiful."

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