The only thing cuter than puppies and babies is this

Jessica Shyba/Momma's Gone City Blog / Today
Momma's Gone City Posts Photos of Dog and Baby Napping

Is there a “Most Heart-Grabbing, Adorable Thing on the Internet” award? Because if there is, Jessica Shyba at Momma's Gone City should win it.

After a long hunt for the pet her children were begging for, and a few trips to the Santa Cruz SPCA, the Shyba family found Theo, the Lab-Boxer-Shepherd pup of their dreams.

On his third day home, Jessica recalls, "Theo fell asleep on Beau and I as I rocked him down for his afternoon nap. I was practically howling at the cuteness—and nearly woke them both up.” From that day on, Theo has fallen asleep next to Beau, sometimes in a total cuddle lock-down for hours. Jessica calls it “the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed” and we whole-heartedly agree. Follow all the naptime love on Instagram at #TheoandBeau.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.