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Mom with triplets and toddler shows epic bedtime routine in viral video

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

For many parents, bedtime is their Waterloo, especially after a hectic day.

For Dan Gibson and Corrie-Lynn Whyte of Ontario, Canada, bedtime is a workout as they wrestle 8-month-old triplets Olivia, Jackson, and Levi into pajamas at the same time. Throw in their 2-year-old and very bouncy daughter, Emily, and it’s a full-on death match.

The couple, who run a blog about their family called The Baby Gang, recently videotaped the nightly shenanigans and shared it with their friends and fans on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. The video, captioned "Mom vs. Triplets + Toddler" has now been viewed 48 million times.

The couple’s 2-year-old, Emily, arguably steals the show. “Emily does what she wants when she wants,” remarked Gibson on The Baby Gang’s Facebook page.

So tonight, as you nestle your own darlings into bed, just remember: they could be triplets.