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See the epic twist at the end of this mom's creepy 'Halloween' photo shoot

Halloween spookiness and girl power join together in this surprising viral photo series.
/ Source: TODAY

There's a terrifying twist at the end of photographer Breanna Caldwell's latest photo series.

The Chesterton, Indiana mom is going viral for a spooky set of images she captured of her 4-year-old daughter, Maci, having a tea party with "Halloween" villain Michael Myers.

Indiana photographer Breanna Caldwell is going viral for a photo series featuring her daughter, Maci, 4, and "Halloween" villain Michael Myers.Breanna Marie Photography

In the chilling images, a friend dressed up as the fictional slasher film character watches little Maci having a tea party from the woods surrounding her yard.

The girl, dressed in a white party dress and looking sweet and innocent, notices Myers lurking and invites him to sit at her tea table. Like in any good horror film story line, just when the images lull the viewer into a false sense of security, the slashing begins.

The series shows little Maci inviting Myers to her tea party, but there's a twist.Breanna Marie Photography

The killer isn't Myers, however, it's little Maci, who takes the antagonist of the "Halloween" franchise by the hand, leads him into the woods and stabs him, covering her white dress in blood and stealing Myers' iconic mask.

It's pure Halloween magic. And, despite criticism from some social media users, Caldwell says the shoot was just a fun activity she did with her daughter to celebrate her recent birthday.

After luring Myers to her tea party, Maci takes him into the woods to kill him.Breanna Marie Photography

"(People said) now, is she going to be a serial killer or end up needing a therapist because this has traumatized her," Caldwell, whose post containing the images has been shared nearly 250,000 times on Facebook, told TODAY Parents. "Well, for everyone that can see the session, she is not traumatized nor will she grow up to be a serial killer."

Caldwell says she introduced Maci to the friend who dressed up as Myers in advance, both with his mask on and off.

"She wasn't scared one bit and I walked her through the entire session," said Caldwell.

When Maci's tea party ends, the 4-year-old is covered in Myers' blood and has stolen his iconic mask.Breanna Marie Photography

When she isn't slaying masked killers, Caldwell says little Maci loves playing dress up, singing and dancing and watching her favorite movie, "Lilo and Stitch."

"She is a very smart, beautiful and perfect little model," said the 25-year-old single mom, adding that she loved sharing some Halloween magic with her daughter. "Halloween is my absolute favorite and I honestly wish it was just more than one day."