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Parents are sharing hilarious photos of what happens when kids do makeup

Hide your nail polish.
/ Source: TODAY

A mom in the U.K. kicked off a hilarious Twitter thread when she posted a photo of her toddler’s pedicure work.

“My nearly three year old has mentioned opening up a mobile nail bar and I feel that if I’m to get behind her then the least I could do is drum up some interest on here. See where it takes her,” Catriona McNicol wrote. “She’s got great chat, an eye for color & this only cost me £1. DM me if interested.”

Many parents chimed in with their own pictures, saying that their children wanted in on the business venture.

Others offered up their little ones for cosmetology services.

“My daughter is a makeup artist,” wrote one wrote who shared an image of her little girl covered in bright lipstick. “I smell a beauty empire in the making!”

Another mom replied with a snap of her son’s face and clothes coated in foundation.

A few people responded that when they first looked at McNicol’s red pedicure, they thought she had sliced off her toes.

As one person wrote, “I nearly swiped right past that — I thought it was something horrible involving lots of blood!”