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Mom shares her 'Mommy Dreams' in Taylor Swift parody

"Say you'll just let me sleep. I don't wanna get dressed. Bring me breakfast in bed, babe."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Mother's Day is coming, and when Danielle Murray imagines what she wants most from her family, her wish list includes staying out past dark, having uninterrupted phone conversations and getting to pee without an audience.

Murray, who vlogs with her husband, Jon, says the idea for the family's latest parody, "Mommy Dreams," came from the humorous contrast between her dream world and her real life with daughters Tyler, 4, Elena, 3, Judea, 2, and Adeline, 4 months. The song, set to Taylor Swift's hit "Wildest Dreams," depicts the challenges of motherhood — from cleaning up kitchen spills to keeping up with the endless laundry that kids create.

A mom Can Dream  - Parody
In her parody of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams," Danielle Murray sings about the things moms dream of while spending their days taking care of their children.YouTube | The Murrays

"I got an hour of sleep. Still wearing my PJ's. Can't eat till I feed this babe," Murray sings in the video. "Chapped lips and sticky cheeks. Piles of laundry again. Life with kids is hard but a mom can dream."

Murray says the parody is meant to be a lighthearted look at the things every mom wishes she could do, but is unable to because of having little ones underfoot.

"Laughter helps everything. I think it's important to take a breath and remember that kids are just learning life," Murray told TODAY Parents. "It can be overwhelming parenting young children...putting their needs first and remembering to be patient when they make mistakes or when you can't make it out of the door on time to save your life. Being able to laugh about those challenges helps to embrace them instead of building resentment or becoming frustrated."

A mom Can Dream  - Parody
Murray says she knows her time with small children will fly by, leaving her with precious memories and a lot more free time.YouTube | The Murrays

Murray sings of her fantasy world in the parody as well, channeling Swift's signature red lips and dreaming in a plush bed.

"I can shower daily if I want to. Get highlights in my hair, watch movies that I choose," she sings. "I can pee with no one else around. Leaving home whenever. I see other adults now."

So what is the mom-of-four hoping she'll get for Mother's Day?

"Since my husband serves on our church worship team, sleeping in and getting breakfast in bed has just never been an option for Mother's Day for me," said Murray. "But that would be my dream — french toast, a mimosa, wildflowers, and some handmade cards from the girls who make me a mom."

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