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Mom sees 'ghost' lady watching her children in baby monitor

She had good reason to believe it was an apparition.
/ Source: TODAY

Ghost Baby took the internet by storm. Now, meet Ghost Mom.

Leila Livingston, a mother of four from North Carolina, was in her bedroom getting dressed, when she spotted a female intruder on the baby monitor.

“My heart just dropped,” Livingston, 34, told TODAY Parents. “There was a dark-haired woman in the living room staring at my children."

Livingston bolted down the stairs to grab her babies, but the lady was gone.

“It was like she just disappeared,” Livingston said. “And my kids were totally calm and watching 'The Lion King.'”

Certain she had captured footage of a ghost, Livingston picked up the phone and called her mom.

“As I was getting ready to show her, I looked down and lost it,” Livingston wrote in a Facebook post that has gone viral with more than 29,000 shares. “Somehow, my iPad went from the camera’s live view to a clip that was recorded earlier. It was me. I was the ghost on the couch.”

Leila Livingston and her husband, Timmy Livingston, with their children Chloe, Scarlett, Sebastian and Jayce. Courtesy of Leila Livingston

It’s understandable that Livingston was convinced she had seen an apparition. Her hair is blonde and she was wearing a black shirt that day. Plus, curious events happen all the time in Livingston's home.

“The water dispenser in my refrigerator will go off on its own,” she told TODAY Parents. “My cabinets will open and I’ll shut them, and then I’ll come back and they’re open again.”

Since Livingston’s post went viral, many have pointed that there seems to be a little boy with his arms around her. Livingston, who lost a child nine years ago, didn’t notice until strangers began commenting.

"When I first saw it, it took my breath away. I felt an instant peace that I think I've been missing for so long," Livingston revealed. "Birthdays and holidays and new siblings, he should have been here for all of that. After seeing the picture, I know he is here and has been all along."