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Mom says 'No' to toddler tantrums in Meghan Trainor parody

The latest mommy parody to go viral is all about the tantrums toddlers throw and the way to make them understand that the answer is 'no.'
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Kids are notorious for bending the rules, throwing tantrums and insisting that mom is their on-demand provider of snacks and screen time. But in a new mommy parody, vlogger Tara Brough is saying "N-to-the-O" to her kids' demands.

The parody is Brough's version of the Meghan Trainor hit "No," and shows the Gilbert, Arizona mom chasing her kids Porter, 4, and Piper, 2, as she tries to thwart their attempts at sneaking candy and giving each other hair cuts.

"All my mommies, listen up. If that boy ain't giving up, purse your lips, hands on your hips and all you gotta say is, 'My answer is no. My answer is no. My answer is no. Boy, You need to let it go,'" Brough sings in the video.

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Brough, who posts videos to her YouTube channel, Broughington, several times a week, says this is her first parody. The idea came after she told her son "No" several times on a day when she had the Meghan Trainor song stuck in her head.

Meghan Trainor - NO (mommy spoof)
Brough says the idea for the parody came to mind after the Meghan Trainor hit was stuck in her head on a day when she was constantly telling her son "No."YouTube

"I definitely use humor to handle the crazy mom life. I'm the kind of person to try and find the funny in situations and I try to help my children see the bright side of things as well," Brough told TODAY Parents. "Honestly, I hate having to say 'no' all the time, like most parents probably. But since my kids are still really young, I'm trying to be 'unbudgeable' you could say, so that they can know I mean business the first time I say no and the issue can stop there. But I don't always stick to my guns. They're just so cute."

Brough with her husband, Zach, and children Porter, 4, and Piper, 2.
Brough with her husband, Zach, and children Porter, 4, and Piper, 2.Tara Brough

Brough adds that while saying 'no' takes up a lot of most moms' lives, she doesn't consider that to be a bad thing.

"Kids are going to be crazy and push boundaries, and they need parents to say no sometimes," said Brough. "And I think because this video talks about that and addresses it in a lighthearted way, moms can appreciate that and laugh about it.