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Mom's genius bedtime doodle shows the wired thoughts of a multi-tasker

A husband asks his wife to doodle what she's thinking about before bed and her illustration is a great look into the mind of a busy mom.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Stephen’s wife Kate is always telling him that she has trouble falling asleep because of all the thoughts racing through her mind. Finally, he asked her to draw him a picture.

“She often mentions that I would not be able to survive a day in her brain, and after seeing this drawing, I just may believe her,” says Stephen, who posted his wife’s drawing on Reddit, where he is known as bpwwhirl. “Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind. This is her response,” he wrote in his caption:

The genius doodle, which includes relatable thoughts like “Girl Scouts,” “My kids are so awesome and evil at the same time,” and “Where is that ONE thing I can’t find from two years ago?” has now garnered nearly 2.7 million views.

The couple lives in Georgia and are parents to a 7-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy. Stephen says he has considered drawing his own thoughts. “I would say I think about most of those things she mentions, replacing some of her personal issues with mine,” he says. “However, I would venture that those thoughts are spread out over the course of a day for me. They certainly don't all bounce around at the same time.

“But to be honest, a peek inside my mind most days would probably look like X-Wings and TIE Fighters,” he says.

And to answer what is surely the burning question left in people’s minds, no, Kate did not get the milkshake she wanted that day. Instead, she settled for Rice Krispies treats.