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Mom's viral photo shows what good co-parenting looks like

People are praising exes Madison Holley and Tyler Mcilveen for putting their son first.
/ Source: TODAY

Madison Holley and her ex-boyfriend Tyler Mcilveen have come a long way.

After the former couple split in 2017, most conversations turned into arguments.

“It was pretty bad,” Holley, 21, told TODAY Parents.

But two years later, Holley and Mcilveen, who share son, Cade, 3, are showing the world what positive co-parenting looks like.

In a powerful photo that recently went viral on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Cade is seen holding hands with Mcilveen and Holley’s fiancé, Cody Pietz.

Holley, who gave birth in August, captured the sweet moment as they were leaving the hospital with Cade's baby brother, Waylon.

“It made me happy,” she said. "Cade is a lucky kid."

Holley credits Mcilveen’s girlfriend, Karin Gray, with bringing the family together.

“Karin helped Tyler to grow up a little bit and encouraged him to really step up with Cade,” Holley revealed. “She’s a big part of why we get along so well now.”

Madison Holley, Cody Pietz, Tyler Mcilveen and Karin Gray (pictured) are committed to peaceful co-parenting.
Madison Holley, Cody Pietz, Tyler Mcilveen and Karin Gray (pictured) are committed to peaceful co-parenting. Courtesy of Madison Holley

Mcilveen has a deep respect for Pietz, 29, though he admits he initially didn’t want to like him. At first, Mcilveen was a little angry that Holley had moved on so quickly.

“But then I saw how awesome Cody was with Cade,” Mcilveen told TODAY Parents. “He’s such a good guy."

Holley feels the same way about Gray. The two women have formed a close bond and get together once a week to go horseback riding.

Handovers are always seamless and Cade happily goes between the two homes. But he will never have to choose where he wants to spend Christmas or Easter.

"We do those holidays together," Holley explained. "That's the way it should be."

Praise continues to pour in for Holley and Mcilveen on Facebook. As one person wrote, "What a lucky little boy to be loved so much that differences can be put aside for his benefit. You three are a true example of love and grace."