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By Elizabeth Murray

"Are you going to make yourself pretty today, or are you going to look like you always do?" Johanna Stein's 4-year-old daughter asked her mom in a video highlighting how kids can really say the darndest, and hilariously cruel, things.

Stein, author of "How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane and Other Lessons in Parenting from a Highly Questionable Source," recorded herself through an "average" morning of getting herself and her daughter ready, while her unfiltered daughter makes one mean question and comment after another.

"You have a lot of hairs on your face. Is that a mustache or a beard?" and "Your tummy looks like a bagel," are merely a sampling of the insults Stein's daughter dishes out.

The video was inspired by a chapter in Stein's parenting book, the author told British-based Mail Online. Stein said that the video, which has more than 2 million views on YouTube, isn't meant to show that kids are mean, but rather presents how children "don't understand between honesty and tact."