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Kids are relating to 'Disney's 'Encanto' in the cutest way

Kaheisha Brand opened up to TODAY Parents about how the new Disney film made her 2-year-old son Kenzo feel seen.

The uplifting message of "Encanto" is striking a chord with families -- and it's especially powerful for the many children who are seeing characters who look like them, some for the first time.

Parents around the world are sharing joyful photos of their children "twinning" with characters in the Disney film, which tells the story of the Madrigals, a family in Colombia who has been (mostly) gifted with magical powers.

One 2-year-old boy, Kenzo, instantly lit up when he saw a character who looked just like him on-screen.

"He immediately gravitated towards the image of Antonio," Kenzo's mom, Kaheisha Brand, told TODAY Parents. "It just made my heart smile because I do believe that he thought he was seeing himself because of the resemblance between him and Antonio."

Once Kenzo noticed that his curly hair and brown skin matched the character's appearance, he couldn't take his eyes off the TV screen.

Disney's “Encanto” tells the story of an extraordinary family — the Madrigals — who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a magical place called an Encanto. The magic of the town has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift — every child except one, Mirabel.

Brand believes that Kenzo really gravitated towards "Encanto" because of how included it made him feel. She took a picture of her son standing next to the TV screen and shared the image on his Instagram account, @katchingupwithkenzo.

"He instantly lit up, and turned to us, and was smiling and that made me take the picture because it made my heart happy that it brought such enjoyment to him. And that's what made me share it," she said. 

“And then the next thing you know, it blew up. So I think that for me, and for us, it made us feel like there're so many people that echoed the same sentiments that we felt in that moment that our child was being seen," Brand added.

In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto,” Antonio may be shy, but his huge heart is his biggest asset—rivaled only by his newly received magical ability to communicate with animals.
A still photo of Antonio from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto."Disney / DISNEY

Brand and her son's father, Keith Brooks, were thrilled with "Encanto," and not just because of Kenzo's reaction.

"We loved the movie 'Encanto' and how rich it was in culture," Brooks said. "One of the themes that it presented was family, and how strong family is, and how strong family can be when it's united. But one of the things that I thought 'Encanto' really brought to light ... was about representation."

"To be able to see the people of Colombia and the different skin complexions they have and to be able to see yourself in other areas of the world that you didn't necessarily know about, I thought that was extremely powerful."