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New Hampshire mom books hotel room for a weekend to wrap holiday gifts in peace

This mom's productive weekend away doubled as much needed self-care.
/ Source: TODAY

One New Hampshire mom has found the ultimate hack to wrap Christmas presents without any interruptions from family.

Laura McKelligan, 42, posted a video on TikTok showcasing what she described as her “wrapping weekend,” in which she booked a hotel room for two nights in a row to get all of her gift wrapping done in one fell swoop. 

In the video, McKelligan can be seen dragging in all of her unwrapped gifts and wrapping materials through the hotel lobby, donning her comfortable festive attire including a "Santa Baby" sweatshirt, and enjoying some solo time in the hotel room. She shared a time lapse wrapping her presents before sharing several shots of all of the fully wrapped gifts sitting on the second bed in the room as well as under the television. 

Wrapped presents? Check!
Wrapped presents? Check!Laura McKelligan / TikTok

To end the video and her productive weekend away, McKelligan celebrated with a well-deserved drink and a bag of tortilla chips as she lounged in the hotel bed.

“Second annual wrapping weekend! Booked a hotel for two nights, wrapped all gifts, order takeout, watch tons of tv, and no one asked me for anything,” she wrote in the caption.

The video has since been viewed over 2.6 million times on TikTok, with over 230,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments as of Dec. 24. In the comment section, viewers celebrated McKelligan’s clever idea, with one TikTok user writing, “This is genius level. Much better than wrapping in the guest bedroom.”

One TikTok user did the same as McKelligan the year prior, writing, “I did this last year and it was the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

One of Laura McKelligan's rules: Dress festively!
One of Laura McKelligan's rules: Dress festively! Laura McKelligan

“GIRL. I’ve been trying to wrap presents for a week and still not done,” one parent lamented in the comments. “They always find me. My toddlers have found 3 presents so far.”

Another parent in the comments is prepared to take McKelligan’s advice for 2023, writing, “My husband just said ‘you’re totally doing that next year.’”

McKelligan tells that this new tradition started in 2021 when she asked her husband what he thought about her booking a hotel room for a couple of days to finish up her gift wrapping. She explained, “I think I just needed a little break. It was just mayhem last year coming out of everything that was going on in the world, so it was a getaway but also a chance to wrap.”

The mom of four strategically picked a hotel close to home for her husband to book for her so she could pop back in to see her family, including delivering some doughnuts to her kids. She also picked a location near one of her favorite restaurants so she could treat herself to some takeout to celebrate her productive weekend. This year, she used the same criteria to find a new hotel next door located next to her 2022 takeout spot of choice.

This mom has the right idea!
This mom has the right idea!Laura McKelligan / TikTok

McKelligan said that she initially wasn’t going to post the video on TikTok, though she had an inkling that people were going to enjoy the idea. And she was right. What started with 1,000 views quickly turned into 50,000, with her internet virality becoming an inside joke with her family until she was alerted by her son that she was going to hit 1 million views.

“I thought maybe, like, 50 people would be like, ‘Oh, this is cool. Good idea,’” she said. “I didn’t expect so many people and everyone was so nice. It made me feel so good and was just really neat. I think this is just insane, and it's fun, and I'm glad people appreciated it."