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Mom hilariously discovers neighbors can see through 'frosted' shower window

Jill Santom said her husband gave "the performance of a lifetime" after they found the flaw.
Jill Santom and her husband found out that their frosted windows didn't provide as much privacy as they first thought.
Jill Santom and her husband found out that their frosted windows didn't provide as much privacy as they first thought. Jill Santom
/ Source: TODAY

Jill Santom and her family have lived in their Knoxville, Tenn. home for less than two years and recently learned about a flaw in the master bathroom they surely wish they’d known about sooner.

The window in their shower, though technically frosted, apparently shows a lot more than they’d prefer!

The mom of two made the realization a few weeks ago when she went to grab the mail and noticed her bathroom window was brighter lit than she would’ve expected. She asked her husband to take a look and then, as an experiment, sent him upstairs to stand in the shower while she watched from outside.

“Go up there and pretend you're taking a shower so I can see,” she explained to TODAY. “So he goes up there and, in my opinion, gave the performance of a lifetime with his fake showering acting skills.”


His commitment to “fake showering” is impressive 💀

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She thought it was so funny that she decided to share the video with her then “like 30 followers” on TikTok.

Santom, who at the time only had her friends following her on the app, thought “maybe they’ll get a kick out of my husband's acting skills because they know how goofy he is.”

She never expected her husband’s dance to immediately go viral. As of Friday night, it had more than 2.5 million likes. Santom is “pretty sure” her video was such a hit because the frosted glass actually being see-through is a fear or thought that’s crossed other people’s minds before.

“Everyone was like paranoid for their own home,” she laughed about the comments. “So I guess the moral of the story is if you thought you're private in your bathroom with your privacy glass or frosted glass, think again!”

Santom added that she was never concerned her children were visible to the street since they have their own bathroom. She also has added a temporary cover for now and plans to eventually replace the window.

Santom says after talking with her neighbors, they assured her no one had ever noticed the window before so for now, it’s just a funny situation.

“We're not mortified,” she said. “We're not embarrassed.”