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Mom has funniest response ever to week of snow days

As freezing temperatures and snowy weather sweep the country, many parents may feel like they're living in the movie "Frozen."
/ Source: TODAY

As freezing temperatures and snowy weather sweep the country, many parents may feel like they’re living in the movie "Frozen" — or at least hearing the songs from the Disney film way too often.

Odessa Waters, a Raleigh, North Carolina mom, took to Facebook to vent her frustrations, and the video is sure to make all snowed-in parents laugh.

Waters, who creates comedic videos often and posts them to her Facebook page, tells TODAY Parents that she knew she couldn’t be the only parent stuck in the house, hearing the songs from the film for the 100th time — so she decided to let others see and hear her pain by filming her daughter’s performance.

Waters’ daughter can be heard singing her heart out in the background throughout the video, as mom asks her questions like, “What’s the snowman’s name?” and “What’s the sister’s name that froze everybody over in the beginning?”

Her daughter, of course, knows all the answers to her mom’s questions, and never misses a beat as she sings and spouts off the names in question — Olaf, Elsa, Kristoff, Anna.

Waters wraps up her video rant by telling viewers her true feelings about the Frozen cast.

“If I ever could choke some cartoon characters, it’d be them. All them. I’d kill ‘em. If I could.”

The video ends with a cheerful plea from Waters’ daughter: “Aww, please don’t kill Elsa!”

“I'm really glad that the video reached so many people. I think that laughter is a medicine and that it is good for the soul. With all of the things going on around us it's great to take a moment or two out of each day to sit back and laugh and share a laugh. I actually love Olaf, but if I saw him right now, I would strike a match — just to see his reaction, you know?” Waters told TODAY.

Editor's Note: This story was first published on Feb. 20, 2015; we are sharing it again because it is still hilarious.