Mom goes after stroller thief, busts million-dollar crime ring

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Don't mess with mom. That's the moral of this awesome story about a Chicago mom who went after the guy who stole her stroller and ended up uncovering a huge crime ring.

Tia's stroller was stolen off her front porch one night. She reported the theft to police – and then saw a Craigslist ad for a used stroller just like hers. She worked with police to set up a sting, and the stroller seller was arrested after he showed up with the goods. But it didn't end there.

After the theft, someone started harassing Tia's family, with everything from random food deliveries to male prostitutes showing up at her door at all hours of the night. Later, police involved with the case were smeared on various internet sites and harassed as well. (Given the cyber-stalking and concern for her family, Tia has asked that her last name be withheld.)

Prosecutors say the trail of evidence led to an upscale Chicago town home that was literally stuffed with more than a million dollars in stolen property – including 200 strollers. The man charged with stealing Tia's stroller, Jicheng Liu, now faces 24 felony indictments for burglary, cyber-stalking and other crimes. He has pleaded not guilty.

"Did this thief have any idea who he was messing with?" NBC's Rob Stafford asked Tia on TODAY.

"I don't think so," she replied.

Guess he knows now! We give Tia our "Don't mess with mama bear" award.

Moms, maybe you haven't busted up any crime rings lately, but we all have a secret superhero inside us. What's the most bad-ass thing you've done as a mom? Tell us on Facebook.

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