Mom gives birth in a moving car: 'I don't think I really had time to panic'

It's the kind of story every pregnant woman jokes about — but is terrified of happening: not making it to the hospital and having to give birth in the car!

But that's exactly what happened to Beth and Trevor Farina this week, when the Illinois couple headed to the hospital early Tuesday morning after riding out a tornado warning.

Watch: Mom describes giving birth in moving car

With just a mile left to go before reaching the emergency room, Beth felt the baby coming, and the 24-year-old nurse-in-training delivered her third son, Tobias Benjamin Farina, by herself — in the front seat of their car.

"I don't think I really had time to panic," Beth laughed to TODAY on Friday. "I kind of just did what I had to do."

"I feel like we handled it the best we could," husband Trevor agreed.

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Mom gives birth in car: I didn’t have time to panic

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Mom gives birth in car: I didn’t have time to panic

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Beth, whose labor was induced in her first two pregnancies, says her mother teased her that a situation like this might happen because she wouldn't know what labor was supposed to feel like. "My mom joked about it, that I would end up giving birth in the car," Beth said.

Sure enough, the baby started coming as they were just minutes away from the hospital, and rather than pull over, Beth urged her husband to keep driving.

"When you're in labor, you just think about what's going on and what you have to do," she remembers. "I was thinking, 'I just have to get to the hospital.'"

Trevor admitted it was hard to stay focused with everything that was happening in the car, but kept a steady hand on the wheel. "It was difficult," he says. "I looked over as often as I could...I heard him start crying but I knew I had to pay attention to the road."

Beth says she and new baby Tobias are healthy and happy: "We're both doing great."

"It's been an exciting week," Trevor agreed.