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Mom gives birth in front seat of car, and her son gets it all on camera

They were only five minutes from the hospital, and she wasn't due for another two weeks. What could possibly go wrong?

Two weeks before her due date, Rudy Naper was on the way to the hospital just down the road when labor hit — hard and fast. Less than five minutes later, she was holding her baby in her arms as her husband shakily pulled into the emergency room driveway, and her three shocked children in the backseat had a new baby sister.

Please note: The video below is intense and may be difficult for some viewers because, well, she's giving birth in the front seat of her car. You've been warned.

The Henderson, Nevada mom told her husband Michael Addison, 31, that she wanted to get checked out at the local hospital a mere five minutes away because she wasn’t feeling well.

“I thought it was regular Braxton Hicks contractions,” Naper, 30, told TODAY Parents.

Addison and Naper jumped into the car with their three other children, Jaydon, age 11, Jai’ahni, age 8, and Jaida, age 4, for what they thought was a routine visit to the hospital.

“We left to go get checked and en route, labor hit,” she said.

Addison had given his cellphone to his eldest son Jaydon to help film what he thought would be a pre-delivery video to welcome the new baby into the world.

Mom Rudy Naper snuggles with baby Jolee, who was born in the front seat of a car.
Mom Rudy Naper snuggles with baby Jolee, who made a very fast, surprise entrance to the world in the front seat of Rudy's car.Courtesy Michael Anthony Addison

“After I gave him the phone, I started talking [to the baby] and [Naper] starts screaming ‘baby is coming!’’

“Next thing I know, I see the head popping out, and I thought ‘this is really going down,’” Addison recalled.

A few minutes later the family arrived at the hospital where they were welcomed by hospital staff. Mom and baby were totally healthy after the surprise delivery, and they left the hospital 24 hours later.

“I was only concerned with the baby coming out safely,” Naper added. “At the time I didn’t know what to do but I guess my body did.”

The Addison family can’t wait to show baby Jolee the video of her exciting entrance into the world when she’s older. And despite some tears in the backseat, the three older siblings have a story — and a sister —they'll love forever.

"Everyone is doing GREAT," Addison reported. "They LOVE their new sister!”