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Mom employs 'reverse leopard crawl' to avoid waking sleeping baby

Getting your baby to fall asleep is only half the battle - getting them to stay asleep takes serious effort!
/ Source: TODAY

As any parent knows, getting your baby to go to sleep is only half of the bedtime battle. The other essential element is keeping that little one down. If you've got a light sleeper on your hands, that might just be the hardest part of all.

That's why we can't get enough of this video featuring one creative — and stealthy and limber — mom who figured out how to leave her son's room without risking an unwanted wake-up.

Just look at her go! Caryn Chelin Morris of Durban, South Africa can be seen slowly inching across the floor, flat on her back and completely silent, in the security camera footage.

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"The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to exit the room after putting your son down!!" dad Tyrone Morris wrote alongside the video when he shared it on Facebook. "Sometimes you have to use your initiative for your exit!! PS The SA Army are calling me for you to do training on the reverse leopard crawl !!"

The video has been viewed on Facebook more than 10 million times since it went up last weekend, no doubt thanks to parents who've been there before and really appreciate those "Mission impossible" moves.

"That's fantastic! Bravo," said TODAY's Al Roker when he watched the clip.

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And fellow father of three Carson Daly was just as impressed, as he joked, "Four days later, she makes to the hallway."

Hey, whatever it takes!

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