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Mom documents 5 years of daycare pickups in tear-jerker video

The joyful 60-second clip will give you all the feels.
/ Source: TODAY

A mom who filmed five years worth of daycare pickups has the internet in tears.

In a Twitter video set to Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” Jaxon Winder is shown at the end of every day, gleefully greeting his mom, Tisa Sinclair. Sinclair, who lives in Washington, D.C., began documenting Jaxon’s reactions when he around 7 months old. The little boy is now 5 and in pre-K.

"When I went back to work, it was really hard because I missed him terribly," Sinclair told TODAY Parents. "But I knew everything was going to be OK the first time I picked him up and saw that smile."

“I wasn’t prepared for the abundance of joy and cuteness. Excuse me I need a moment,” one person wrote after watching the 60-second clip.

Added another, “The best part was when he fell and didn’t know if he should cry and you said, ‘It’s OK,’ and he got back up and was happy again.”

Sinclair put together the montage in honor of Jaxon's birthday, which he celebrated last month.

“I chose my personal favorites,” Sinclair said. “There were hundreds and hundreds to choose from."

Jaxon is now 5.
Jaxon is now 5.Courtesy Tisa Sinclair
People on Twitter can't get enough of Jaxon's huge smile.
People on Twitter can't get enough of Jaxon's huge smile. Courtesy Tisa Sinclair

Jaxon now attends a Montessori school where classrooms are divided into multi-age groupings. That means he is with some older children. The first time Sinclair went to pick him up, she wasn’t sure how he would respond. Would Jaxon try to play Mr. Cool in front of the big kids?

But Jaxon ran right into his mama’s arms.

“It surprised me and made me pretty emotional,” Sinclair revealed. “I wasn’t sure if he was gonna be like, ‘Whatever.’’ Then I heard the squeal.”

"Seeing his smile is the best part of my day," she continued. "I know it's corny, but everything that's wrong just melts away as soon as I see him."

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