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Mom creates epic birthday cake for farm-loving son: A cow giving birth to a calf

When her son wanted a "cow having a calf" cake, a Canadian delivered the cake of his dreams, cherry-pie-filling-after-birth and all.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

While some kids are watching "Paw Patrol," Benz Packard prefers to tune in to "The Incredible Dr. Pol," a National Geographic show that follows the adventures of a Dutch veterinarian who specializes in large farm animals.

Benz, who lives in Canada with his family, also loves spending the day working hard at his aunt and uncle's ranch, or visiting his grandparents' farm. So, it was no surprise to his mom, Jamie Packard, when Benz requested a "cow having a calf" cake for his fourth birthday.

Benz with his "cow having a calf cake."Courtesy of Jamie Packard

"His version of a bedtime story is paging through his treasured 'Canadian Angus 2016 Bull Buyer's Guide,' which he plucked from the waste bin at the post office," Packard told TODAY Parents. "So when he requested a 'cow giving birth to a calf' cake, I wasn't the slightest bit surprised, just concerned as to how I was going to execute such a cake."

Packard posted her take on Benz's request to Facebook, explaining that she and her husband, Tyler, had tried to persuade him to choose a different theme for his party — such as Thomas the Tank Engine — with no luck.

"It wasn't something I could walk into the local bakery and order," said Packard of her creative birthday cake. "So when I realized it was something that was very important to him, I embraced it and started planning."Courtesy of Jamie Packard

"We tried," Packard wrote in the post, which has been shared thousands of times. "So there I sat, Google imaging 'cow having a calf cake' and guess what, there were zero results, surprise, surprise!"

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"So as I'm moulding rice crispy squares into little hooves I'm thinking to myself, no mother is ever really prepared for this kind of stuff. And as I'm applying cherry pie filling as afterbirth, I found myself thinking...Thank goodness it's only family coming to this party!"

"He fed cows, stacked bales and rescued baby kittens," Packard said of her son's birthday celebration.Courtesy of Jamie Packard

Benz's party, which took place on August 17, was a simple affair.

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"This year, all he wanted was to go to his Auntie Kristy and Uncle Darren's ranch and do chores," said Packard. "He loves helping them feed and milk the cows and pick the eggs. Pretty easy birthday request and the cake fit right in."

Packard says when she asked Benz what theme he wanted for his birthday party, he only wanted to go to his aunt and uncle's ranch to do chores.Courtesy of Jamie Packard

At his birthday outing to the ranch, Benz fed cows, stacked hay bales and rescued baby kittens — an act that would be sure to make Dr. Pol proud.

Packard says her son loves animals and anything pertaining to life on the farm.Courtesy of Jamie Packard

Packard says when she finished baking the cake the night before the party, she stepped back and laughed, shocked that she actually pulled it off.

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"The cherry pie filling was hilarious," said Packard. "I used it generously in between the cake layers for some added drama when it was cut into."

The Packard family, Jaime, Tyler, Cruz and Benz, live in Canada.mbb photography

"I pride myself on having a easy going, fun sense of humor, so I went all out," said Packard, who also has a 6-year-old son named Cruz. "We are completely humbled by the interest people have taken in our family, and happy to have given the world a giggle."