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'See a bus, don't move': Mom blogger's parody highlights bus safety awareness

As school starts, parents are happy to send kids back to the classroom. But there's still worry about kids' safety on their way to school.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

As the school year begins, parents are breathing a collective sigh of relief as they send their kids back to the classroom. Still, it’s only natural to feel worried about kids’ safety on their way to school.

Deva Dalporto, who blogs at My Life Suckers, takes on both the celebration of parents having kid-free time again and the importance of school bus safety in her latest parody of the 1980’s rap hit Bust A Move, titled Bus, Don’t Move.

In the video, Dalporto laments the stresses of getting kids out of bed, dressed, fed and off to school, while daydreaming of the things she’ll do — brunch, shopping, and texting friends — once her kids are in class.

When the bus arrives, the mom-of-two and her friends, all dressed in yoga pants, dance happily with their kids. But the fun video is also a message for people to mind bus traffic rules.

“It’s big and yellow. You say, ‘Hello. Come pick up my kids, you fine fellow!’ They run over there without a second to lose — STOP arm extends: See a bus, don’t move,” Dalporto sings.

Dalporto says she partnered with American Traffic Solutions — creators of the CrossingGuard school bus stop arm that stops traffic while kids pile onto buses — to spread awareness of the dangers involved with transporting kids to school.

“More than 100 children are killed every year walking to school. Another 25,000 are injured. And half of the 31 pedestrians killed while boarding a bus are children between the ages of 5 and 7,” Dalporto wrote in a recent blog post. “Yes. You heard that right. Children are being killed and injured on the way to school every year.”

“It's been a long summer and I am so excited to have a few quiet moments at home," says Deva Dalporto. "I look forward to peeing alone! And drinking my tea while it's hot. And hearing myself think."Deva Dalporto

As the parody continues, Dalporto’s friends dance with a school bus driver, played by the babysitter of one of the kids in the video. Throughout their dancing in the street, friends lip sync the words, “School bus — don’t pass it— school bus, baby don’t pass it!”

“Obviously, as a mom, this cause is very dear to my heart…I think it's important to bring awareness to the issue and remind drivers to slow down, pay attention, put down the cell phone and if they see a school bus with the stop arm extended, don't move,” Dalporto told TODAY Parents.

In addition to tackling this important safety issue, Dalporto pokes fun at the freedom that moms celebrate upon sending their kids back to school.

“Cause once you got ‘em loaded in that van, you got a whole day to do your jam,” sings Dalporto.

Still, the San Francisco Bay Area mom says that, all joking aside, she’ll miss her little ones once they’re out of the house all day.

“It's been a long summer and I am so excited to have a few quiet moments at home. I look forward to peeing alone! And drinking my tea while it's hot. And hearing myself think. The crazy thing is, when the kids finally do leave the house for school I'll probably miss them. Ah, the irony of motherhood!”